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Creativity is deeply ingrained in our DNA and we aim to work with the most talented and dedicated colleagues who share our vision.

At Empire Media, our business is built on the contribution and passion of our team members and therefore attracting, nurturing and retaining the best talent are key factors to our success.

Having a well-established name gives us a competitive edge in the market and helps attract genuine talent to our organisation. To ensure that we keep and further develop these skilled colleagues in the long run, we are devoted to fostering a positive work atmosphere and promoting engagement throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Therefore, our employee value proposition is not about flashy slogans and inspirational posters to potential employees but about finding and retaining the right people who share the values that we firmly stand for. Our steadfast commitment to the principles; agility, creativity, competence, integrity and inclusion, is deeply ingrained in the Empire Media corporate culture.

As a multinational organisation, we consider it a privilege and a key catalyst to our substantial growth to be working with talented people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, all of whom are united by these same core values. Instead of trying to mould our employees into what we want them to be, we follow a one size fits one approach and encourage their professional and individual development. Our unwavering effort to create a positive and inspiring work environment allows employees to fulfil their professional aspirations.

This, coupled with the perks of being part of a multinational organisation, the diversity of tasks and a prudent path to self-development, offer an atmosphere where skills and dedication are recognised and rewarded. Our firm pledge to uphold these values forges a tenacious sense of belonging and pride in all Empire Media colleagues.

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Our steadfast commitment to supporting our environment and society is deeply rooted in our company values and is manifested in every aspect of our operations.

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